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Composite dental filling procedure at Jon C. Packman DDS in Statesville, NC
At Jon C. Packman DDS, we are more than happy to restore your tooth to its natural shape through fillings so it can regain normal function. Tooth decay may lead to damaged teeth, and hence, you may need to undergo a filling procedure.

In this procedure, the first step will include cleaning out the affected tooth and area surrounding the tooth. Afterward, we will fill the remaining cavity with a special filling material. Filling this cavity closes off the space which bacteria could otherwise enter, thus preventing further decay.

Materials Used in Filling

Various materials can be used to fill cavities. However, one filling material may not be suitable for another patient. Therefore, a recommended material will be used depending on whether you may be allergic to certain materials, the extent of repair required, the cost and the location in the mouth which requires filling.

Gold fillings are made in laboratories and then installed. This type of filling is durable, lasting over 20 years and gums tissues can tolerate them. As a result, our team will often recommend gold fillings. The only downside to this filling material is the high cost.

If your pockets don’t cooperate, you can opt for amalgam fillings. They are also durable thanks to its high resistance to wear. In contrast, amalgam is cheaper than gold fillings but is dark in color, hence noticeable from afar. For this reason, it’s not suitable for visible areas.

On the other hand, composite resins match the teeth’s color. Thus they can be used in visible areas of the mouth. A mixture of certain ingredients will be prepared and placed in the cavity where they’ll harden. However, this filling is not as durable and can only last up to 10 years. They can also get stained by tobacco, tea, coffee or other foods and drinks which may have a strong coloration.

The other filling material is porcelain which is also made in the lab. Afterward, we will attach the filling to the tooth. They also match the teeth’s color and have resistance to staining. Also, the porcelain will cover the entire toot most of the time.

However, if your tooth suffers severe damage as a result of the decay, you may need to consider a cap or a crown. If the damage reaches the nerve, root canal therapy will be the best option. This procedure involves removing the damaged nerve or a pulp capping procedure, which aims at maintaining full nerve function.

What to Expect

Our dentists will first thoroughly examine your teeth and mouth before beginning any procedure. This will help them to prepare for the procedure and also allows them to check the health of your mouth overall. Then we will begin with the process as described above. We will usually apply a local anesthetic to help ensure you feel no pain during the procedure.

If you want more information about fillings, feel free to contact Jon C. Packman DDS at (704) 978-7060 any time. We look forward to hearing from you.


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