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Periodontal Maintenance
Statesville, NC

Man smiling after learning about periodontal maintenance at Jon C. Packman DDS in Statesville, NCAt Jon C. Packman DDS, we try to exhaust all non-surgical periodontal treatments to remove plaque and tartar even from deep periodontal pockets, as well as smooth the root surfaces to help remove bacteria and their toxins. However, non-surgical therapy still has its limitations, and in severe cases, surgery may be necessary to restore periodontal health.

After we’ve done the planing and scaling, you will need to continue with maintenance therapy to support your dental health. Periodontal disease is a chronic disease which means that without constant monitoring, it can recur. Once you’ve been treated for periodontal disease, these maintenance procedures will let you regain control over the disease and will increase the chances of keeping your original teeth.

How Does Periodontal Maintenance Work?

How often you need to visit us will vary. The intervals between getting check-ups at our office can range from just a couple of weeks to only twice a year. The frequency of the treatments can be affected by stress, genetics, and tobacco use. The severity of your particular periodontal disease case will also have an impact on how frequently you should visit us.

At each visit, we’ll make sure to monitor how your disease is progressing and how effective the treatment is. We might also increase or decrease the frequency of your treatment schedule as necessary. The periodontal maintenance procedures will continue for the rest of your life or until we determine you are free of disease.

How to Prevent Periodontal Disease?

Daily brushing and care, as well as frequent visits to our clinic for professional cleanings and exams, are necessary to remove plaque to help prevent periodontal disease.

If you have diabetes, make sure you keep it under control to reduce the chances of developing periodontal disease. People with diabetes should be extra vigilant with their oral hygiene to help the condition occurring. Studies have shown that patients with diabetes that is out of control respond differently to bacterial plaque than those with diabetes that is under control.

Periodontal disease can lead to inflammatory activities that cause more severe gum, tooth and bone loss. If, on the other hand, it’s treated early, it may be controlled and the gums brought back to a healthy state that can help prevent additional tooth and bone loss. When combined with antibiotics, periodontal treatments have been shown to improve blood sugar levels, which suggests that it might decrease insulin requirements.

That is why we work closely especially with diabetics so we can stop this destructive cycle before it even starts. We pay close attention to daily oral hygiene that includes brushing, flossing, and regular oral and medical check-ups.

If you experience red, swollen and tender gums or they bleed while brushing or eating, then you should come and see us. Likewise, if gums have been pulled away from your teeth, pus is accumulated between the gums and teeth and you have bad breath that doesn’t seem to go away, please make sure you schedule an appointment with us.

To get more information on periodontal maintenance, feel free to call the experienced professionals here at Jon C. Packman DDS at (704) 978-7060 today!


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After your periodontal treatment at Jon C. Packman DDS, you will need to continue with maintenance therapy to support your dental health. Click here to learn more.
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