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Man smiling after receiving an extraction at Jon C. Packman DDS in Statesville, NCAt Jon C. Packman DDS, we’re firm believers that preventive dental care and routine checkups are the best way to keep your natural teeth intact. However, there are times and situations where it’s in your best interest to extract a problem tooth. It might either be too damaged or even infected to be left in your mouth. These cases warrant a tooth extraction.

What is a Tooth Extraction and Why Would I Need It?

In simple words, tooth extraction is tooth removal surgery. Our dentist will look into the affected tooth and separate the ligaments that connect said tooth to your jawbone, which results in the removal of the affected tooth from your mouth.

You might need a dental extraction for multiple reasons ranging from irreversible damage to infections. Below we will share the various scenarios that will lead us to suggest a tooth extraction is necessary.

Reasons for a Dental Extraction

If you have a broken or cracked tooth, we might recommend an extraction since they are not only unsightly but might also be very painful. Teeth are strong, but they can break when you bite into something hard or if you suffer an injury. There are cases where we’re able to solve this with a crown, but if it’s too damaged, we might have to recommend a dental extraction.

The same applies to extreme tooth decay due to plaque build-up. This tends to happen after eating and drinking when bacteria that is within the plaque will start dissolving your tooth and cause cavities. If it’s detected on time, a crown or fillings can fix it. However, in severe cases, the tooth might be so damaged that it’s better to extract.

In some other cases, plaque can end up causing periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. This is caused by bacteria that move to the gums and causes an infection that might even make the teeth separate from the gums, resulting in tooth loss. If the case is very severe or advanced, we are likely to recommend and extraction.

On the other hand, if your child has loose baby teeth that just won’t fall out, we will recommend a tooth extraction to prevent serious issues. Baby teeth can end up trapping the permanent tooth under the gums which can be uncomfortable and unhealthy for their mouth.

Failure to remove a baby tooth on time can result in crowded teeth. This can end up affecting their jawbone and general dental health. In cases like these, they will need some sort of orthodontic treatment that best adjusts to their needs, but they might also need to get one or more teeth extracted to make room for alignment corrections.

Wisdom Teeth can also lead to tooth extraction, and they are a fairly common dental issue. Most people don’t have enough space for an additional molar which can cause them to become impacted and end up stuck under a tooth or your gum line. Since this can be very painful, extraction is usually recommended.

To get more information about extractions, feel free to call the experienced professionals here at Jon C. Packman DDS at (704) 978-7060 today!


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You might need a dental extraction for multiple reasons ranging from irreversible damage to infections. Click here for more information about tooth extractions.
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