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Digital Radiography
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A dentist reviewing digital x-rays at Jon C. Packman DDS in Statesville, NCDigital radiography is a form of advanced X-ray imaging that produces enhanced and clear computer images. Here at Jon C. Packman DDS, we use digital dental radiography and other advanced dental technologies to conduct dental exams. The technology enables us to make a correct diagnosis and properly plan for treatment.

Digital radiography has digital x-rays sensors that have replaced the traditionally-used photographic films. There are different types of digital dental radiographs, and each one is used under different circumstances. Digital radiography has many benefits over traditional x-ray technology. Just like any other technology anywhere, it also has its demerits. It is important to properly understand this technology as it might be used on you during a dental checkup.

Types of Digital Dental Radiographs

Digital dental radiographs can either be intraoral or extraoral. Intraoral radiographs are taken by x-ray sensors put in the mouth, while extraoral radiographs are taken from outside the mouth. Intraoral radiographs are taken to provide detailed images of your dental structures.

Extraoral radiographs are normally used to monitor jaw bone related issues. They offer a general view of your jaw bone structure. There are two types of intraoral radiographs:

Periapical Radiographs

Our dentists use these to produce an image of an entire tooth, from the crown to the supporting bone. These kinds of x-rays are used to evaluate the condition of a tooth, its root, and the surrounding bone. It is used while diagnosing or treating cases of periodontitis, and gum disease.

Bitewing Radiographs

Our dentists use these to produce images of the crowns on both your lower and upper teeth. You will usually be asked to bite into an x-ray film while the images are being taken. These images are used to investigate cases of tooth decay, bone loss, gum disease. They are used when designing and molding dental crowns and bridges as well.

Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic x-rays involve taking images of literary your whole head. The X-ray machine used rotates around your head. In dentistry, panoramic x-ray images will show the entire mouth and its structures. The whole jaw bone and teeth are observable.

We will usually use panoramic X-rays to investigate teeth and bone deformities of misplacements. They can be used in the diagnosis of cysts and tumors as part of oral cancer screenings. The images can also help in the plan for dental implants treatment.

Multi-slice Computed Tomography (MCT)

MCT x-rays are used to produce an image of a specific part of your mouth. While taking the image, a certain layer or part of your mouth is projected by blurring the rest of the areas around it. MCT is commonly used in difficult to observe sections and structure of your mouth.

Other Extraoral radiographs include Sialography, Cephalometric projections, and Cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT).

Call Jon C. Packman DDS at (704) 978-7060, today to find out more about digital dental radiography. It is one of our most reliable diagnosis and treatment technologies. Our dentists use it on patients with different conditions, to ensure they offer the best form of treatment. Visit us if you have any dental health concerns, and we will provide the best solutions possible.


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Digital radiography is a form of advanced X-ray imaging that produces enhanced computer images. At Jon C. Packman DDS, we use it to conduct dental exams. Click the link to learn more about the benefits of digital radiography.
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