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Dental Implant Restoration
Statesville, NC

Image of a dental implant at Jon C. Packman DDS in Statesville, NC. A dental implant restoration is a process of fitting a replacement tooth or bridge to a dental implant that has been surgically put in the jawbone. Dental implants are a long-lasting and durable alternative for replacing lost teeth. They can also be used to restore the aesthetics and function of the mouth.

The Fundamentals of Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implants are normally constructed from titanium. They take the form of a post that is surgically inserted into the patient's jawbone to replace a missing tooth. This post acts as a sturdy anchor for the replacement tooth or bridge that will be placed in the mouth. Our dentists Dr. Packman and at Jon C. Packman DDS can guide you through the process of dental implant restoration.

Dental Implants vs. Mini Dental Implants

Regular dental implants are different from mini dental implants as they are significantly bigger in size. Mini dental implants are less invasive than regular implants and do not require as much jawbone.

In most cases, the procedure of dental implant restoration will be broken up into many stages. First, the patient will undergo an oral examination to ensure they qualify for dental implants. Then they will be given anesthesia for the surgical process. Your jawbone will next be exposed by making an incision in the gum tissue. Then your implant will be placed.

How Long is the Recovery Process for Implants?

Dental implant restoration might differ from patient to patient, depending on the extent to which the implant was placed and the patient's medical history. Patients should also be careful to follow any post-operative instructions provided by us. These instructions may include avoiding foods that are hard or chewy, using ice packs to reduce swelling, and rinsing the mouth with salt water to promote healing.

Dental implant restorations often take several months to complete because the bone needs to fully heal and fuse with the implant before the replacement tooth or bridge can be fitted. Yet, many people feel well enough to resume their regular routines within a few days of surgery. With regular dental checkups and maintaining their oral health, patients can ensure the continued health and longevity of their dental implants.

Contact Us Today For an Appointment

Patients who want to replace their lost teeth have the option of getting dental implant restoration. This procedure is safe and effective and can ensure good oral health for you. Patients are able to make an educated decision on whether or not dental implants are the best option for them if they have a thorough understanding of the restoration procedure for implants and the healing process. It is essential to have routine dental examinations and practice proper oral hygiene to keep dental implants lasting as long as possible and ensure their durability. Contact our dental team at Jon C. Packman DDS to book an appointment.


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