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Dental Implant Placement
Statesville, NC

Image of dental professional and patient after a dental implant placement, at Jon C. Packman DDS in Statesville, NC. Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular choice for patients who are interested in replacing one or more lost teeth. They are a solution that can improve the aesthetics as well as the function of the mouth. They last for a long time and are very durable. A dental implant is a post made of titanium surgically placed into the jawbone. It acts as a secure anchor for a replacement tooth or bridge that is attached to the implant. Our dentists, Dr. Packman and at Jon C. Packman DDS ensure that everything goes smoothly in your dental implant placement. We want our patients to have beautiful and confident smiles.

Dental Implants vs. Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants are not to be confused with mini dental implants since dental implants are significantly larger and more resilient. As a result, dental implants are the treatment of choice for patients who have lost a substantial number of teeth. Traditional dental implants are larger than mini dental implants, but both types can be used to support dentures or to replace smaller teeth.

The Process of Dental Implant Placement

In most cases, there will be multiple steps involved in the process of dental implant placement.

Oral Exam for Dental Implant Placement

To begin, the patient will undergo an oral exam so that it can be determined whether or not they are a good candidate for dental implants. For this purpose, we may take x-rays or 3D scans of the mouth to assess the health of the jawbone and locate the area of the mouth that is the most suitable for implant placement.

Surgical Dental Implant Placement

After we have concluded that the patient is a good candidate for implants, the next step is to make an appointment for the surgical placement of the implants. We will administer anesthesia throughout the procedure to numb the region that will house the implant. The jawbone will next be exposed by making an incision in the gum tissue. We will then drill a small hole into the jawbone to place the implant.

The patient will need to wait for the bone to repair and fuse with the implant in a process that is known as osseointegration after the implant has been implanted in the patient's body. During this interim period, the patient may be required to wear a temporary bridge or denture to replace the space created by the absent tooth.

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After the implant has had sufficient time to integrate with the surrounding bone, the patient will visit us to have an abutment, which acts as a connector between the implant and the artificial tooth attached to the implant. The process of getting a dental implant is finished when the replacement tooth or bridge is fixed to the abutment.

How Long is the Recovery Process for Dental Implants?

The pace of recovery following dental implant installation can be different for each individual patient and depends on the extent to which the implant was placed. Patients may feel some swelling, bruising, or soreness around the implant site after the surgery. This can last anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Because the bone needs to fully mend and fuse with the implant before the replacement tooth or bridge can be connected, the recovery process for dental implants often takes several months to complete. Nonetheless, patients can often return to their normal activities a few days after surgery. They can keep their implants in good condition with routine dental exams and by practicing basic oral hygiene. Contact our doctors, Dr. Packman and at (704) 978-7060 to learn more.


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