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Dental Bridges
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Middle Age Woman from Statesville, NC, Laughing confidently thanks to her new dental bridgeIf you have missing teeth or tooth, the team at Jon C. Packman DDS will be more than happy to help in covering that gap with a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are false teeth, also known as pontics, and they are anchored to the adjacent teeth with abutment teeth. Pontics can be made from different materials like gold and silver, but generally, they are made of porcelain which helps to blend them with the natural teeth.

Visiting our office for dental implant fixing has several benefits. Bridges can help in restoring your smile, restoring your ability to speak or chew properly and help in maintaining your face’s shape.

When you come to our office for dental bridge fixing, we will present you with several options. The following are the four types of dental bridges that you should expect our dentists to recommend.


These are the most common types of dental bridges. Traditional dental bridges comprise one or more pontics, and our dentists use dental crowns to hold them in place. The dental crowns are also referred to as abutments, and our dentists cement them on the teeth next to the missing teeth.

Mostly, we recommend traditional bridges in cases where the gap of the missing tooth is located between your natural teeth. One downside of these bridges that our dentist will have to remove the enamel of the adjacent teeth to create more room for the crowns to be fixed.


Cantilever dental bridges are another option. These dental bridges resemble traditional bridges. However, the only difference is that an abutment supports the pontic on one side only. Therefore, the bridge can be secured if you have only one natural tooth adjacent to your gap.

Just like fixing traditional bridges, our dentists will have to prepare the tooth adjacent to the gap to support the dental bridge by removing the enamel. Since these dental restorations have support from one side, they might act as a lever in specific scenarios.

Maryland Dental Bridge

Maryland dental bridges comprise of pontics that are held in place by porcelain or metal framework. Our dentists then bond the framework to the backs the two adjacent teeth to the gap. Maryland bridges don’t require the adjacent teeth to be filled since they do not need crowns to be held in place.

These bridges have a downside, even though they are more conservative compared to traditional bridges. The resin holding the bridge in place limits the strength of the bridge. This means your Maryland dental bridges might not remain in place.

Implant-Supported Bridges

In scenarios where you are missing more than one tooth, we can also use implant supported bridges. Rather than using frameworks or crowns to support the bridges, we use dental implants. Mostly, we place one implant for each missing tooth, and the bridge is held in place by a series of implants. These bridges are as comfortable as your natural teeth since we use implants to secure them. However, since you are required to undergo two surgeries before the implants are placed, you should expect to wait for at least five months before the procedure is complete.

For more information about dental bridges and other forms of restorative dentistry, call the experienced professionals here at Jon C. Packman DDS at (704) 978-7060 today!


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If you have missing teeth or tooth, the team at Jon C. Packman DDS will be more than happy to help in covering that gap with a dental bridge. Follow the link to learn more about dental bridges and how we can help improve your smile.
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